53 days to Antarctica... "Away In A Manger" Carrie Underwood

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"Wishing you All every happiness and good fortune for the Season! May your lives be filled with peace, joy, happiness and all things Wonderful!" Theodora, Schrodie's Mummy

Merry Christmas One and All, for those of you who Celebrate. To everyone else, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays! Wishing You and Yours All the Very Best for the Season! May the Spirit of the Season bring you Joy, Goodwill And All Things Wonderful To Us All!

Hello!  Welcome to another Sunday. It is Boxing Day. Thank you for joining me. I hope that your week has been a good one. How quickly this week has flown, and Christmas with it. I hope that you are happy and well. It’s only six days until 2022. Oh my!

WOW, what a week! Mostly we have had a good week, which is always a welcome relief.

We enjoyed our second family Christmas. It was wonderful seeing and spending time with the boys. They loved their gifts and these will add to building their talents and skills. The food, was delicious, the music and time together was lovely. Schrodie played in the pool, after much coaxing and encouragement by us all and my brother-in-law taking him in to the water. We all had fun. The water was so gloriously warm at thirty one degrees and the air temperature similar. The light rain started later. Rain after intense heat is always welcome and it breaks the heat. For me, it means no bush fires, for which I am indescribably grateful.

It’s Boxing Day, we all went for a long walk together and the boys enjoyed riding their new bikes. We made it before the brewing storm hit. Schrodie and I left to return home. We made it as the storm broke. We were both distressed and I was distracted by much. I put down Schrodie’s bag of belongings. I took out his food and water bowls. I needed to dash to the loo. Two minutes later I looked for Schrodie who was outside eating something with a wrapper. I didn’t know what it was and as I walked towards him, found a piece of the hard plastic wrapper. He ran. There was one small piece of wrapper, from the treats he received at Christmas. I forgot it was in the bag. I couldn’t find the wrapper. I felt sick. It was sprinkling but I searched for the wrapper, not finding it. It seems that he’d eaten the wrapper, which had been opened. It doesn't make sense at all. He had no reason to eat the wrapper. He could easily access the treats. We went inside. He knew he’d done something bad. Malevolent forces are at play, having somehow found us. I hope he is okay. Tomorrow I will take him to the Vet as they are closed today. My heart is broken. I am devastated. I cuddle Schrodie. I am going to bed. I know that sleep will not come to me but I must rest for now. I cannot live without Schrodie and I pray that he passes the plastic. More than anything I pray he is alright and safe once again. Schrodie lies with me.

Given what has happened, I must bid thee Adieu. I stay hopeful and optimistic. May the magic of Christmas give us the miracle we need.

May you enjoy this week’s Song of the week, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Wishing you all the very best for the Season.

I hope that your week ahead is a good and happy one. As always, thank you for your company. As always, I hope that you leave Schrodie’s Mummy feeling a little better than when you arrived. I hope that by sharing my journey this helps you with yours in some way. Stay strong and hang in there no matter what trauma, challenges or adversity that you face. Celebrate every Joy! Celebrate every Win! No matter how small, they matter, much. I hope that my posts and pages help you in some way, interest you, make you smile or laugh. Most especially may these and your visits to Schrodie’s Mummy inspire and motivate you upon your journey. This is the only reason that I share this with you.

Do one small thing every day that makes you laugh and something to put joy in your heart and sustain you on your path. Please refer anyone who you believe will benefit from visiting us here at Schrodie’s Mummy.

Against all odds, I still believe in the Magic of Christmas and look forward with great anticipation to whatever it brings my way. Most especially, I look forward to the Joy ahead, for us all! Christmas is a time to remember and practice what is really important in life, Love! Live it! Share it and Bask in its Magic! For me Love is what matters most in the world and in life. Love is the bridge that connects us all. Love is fundamental to each of us, our happiness and our shared humanity.

Take care, stay happy and well.

I will continue to post on Sunday or as close to, as life allows. Pages will be added on Wednesday and Friday.

Bye for now.

Watch this space...




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