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333 days to Antarctica - “We Can’t Be Beaten” Rose Tattoo

  Approximately 17 minutes reading time 333 days to Antarctica - Skeleton Hands “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” Oprah Winfrey WOW, what a week. Schrodie is getting better with the help of his medication and I am happier. He somehow acquired a weird plant based bacterial infection on his penis and in his bladder. It could have been picked up from a grass seed or long grass or injury, so we avoid these as best as possible. It might have been acquired from a dog that licked him, his penis, on our walk, before I had a chance to pull him away. Only short walks every two days at the moment and we both miss our long, beautiful walks in and out of the bush and countryside. Luckily the infection was identified and there is effective medication to treat him. I have been taking him to our wonderful Vet and his staff who love Schrodie as much as he loves them, every two days to apply a topical antibiotic inside his sheath. As my skeleton h