88 days to Antarctica..."I Love Rock n' Roll" Joan Jet & The Blackhearts


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“Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Hello! I hope that your week has been a good one and that you are happy and well. So quickly, Sunday has arrived. Christmas looms as does 2022. In thirty four days it’s Christmas and only forty days until 2022.

Winter time has stayed with us as we are drenched and cold for another week. The sunshine has been intermittent, bright, joyful and warming. Warming when there is no freezing cold wind with long icy fingers gripping us and cutting through us. The fierce and icy winds are relentless and mostly counter the sunshine but not completely. Our Springtime air is so sweet and fragrant making it almost impossible to be unhappy. Perfume and nectar filled gardens are heavenly and constant, everywhere. These are a gift from the gods, to be sure.

I grew up loving Hans Christian Anderson, his wonderful Storytelling and his Stories. Hans Christian Anderson’s words are one of my life’s mantras. In the words of Bon Jovi, “I’ll live while I’m alive and sleep when I’m dead”. This has been my mantra since this great, fun song was released. Life is for living! Richard Dawkins agrees having stated as much himself over the years. If not, what is the point of being alive? I cannot accept some boring, half-life. Last year a lady I met said to me “ You love Living! You love Life!” I had never consciously realised this or thought about this before her comment. I realised that yes, absolutely I do and she was very right and spot on about me. Given how much living I have missed out on since the Black Summer Bushfire stole my life and I have been trapped in an ever worsening nightmare, it’s time to amp up the fun! (Pardon the pun). When the sun comes out it is play time! I cannot wait! It will be an important balance to the every day horrors that I still face but never without balance. For this, I am always grateful!

Schrodie and I have still enjoyed our glorious daily walks. Often we are walking in light Spring rain or while it is sprinkling, which we both enjoy and find invigorating. It is only when it is too cold, too wet and/or too windy outside that we miss our walks. As we are visiting our bushfire rebuild daily, even though the builders and trades are not there on way too many days, we are reacquainting ourselves with our village and neighbours. Schrodie loves being home, it makes him so happy. He understands that it is the same place but that our home is different. He loves exploring the house and being back home. We cannot wait to return. We will need to acclimatize upon our return as it is so much colder in our village than the rest of the Highlands. It is so very beautiful, quiet and peaceful. We can hear the insects buzzing around when we are there, it’s special. Schrodie chooses a different walk around a different part of the village each day. Yesterday, we did not go home as there were no trades, my wonderful neighbours told me and saved me a trip and the very expensive petrol. It was the same today. Yesterday, between the storms, we met friends and walked around the lake together. This used to be our daily walk. It’s glorious and we love it. It is so incredibly busy compared to walking in our village. So many people stop to meet Schrodie and tell me how lucky I am, which I know and for which I am incredibly grateful. Often people call out and tell me that they like my beautiful friend.

Every morning I wake up with Schrodie snuggled up next to me. Often his head is on the pillow next to mine. Sometimes he curls up under the blankets with me. It is one of my favourite things in life. He brings me pure joy, each and every day. I know exactly how lucky I am. I never hear him come up onto the bed even though I  barely sleep and always so lightly. We dance and play every day. He loves chasings, hide and seek, tug-o-war and fetch, as do I. We play in the house. Mostly we are together and I take him with me everywhere possible. Alas, we are apart sometimes for a few hours. If it’s more than three hours he goes for a play date with friends. I don’t like to leave him alone for too long, especially when the alternative is a chance to play and have fun. We both choose this option, always. We have loads of adventures and share time with old friends and new. We have met some wonderful new people this week who will stay in our lives.

While we were waiting for the tilers to arrive on Wednesday, they didn’t turn up and haven’t yet, we went to a nearby village in Goulburn as we haven’t been there for about three years now. I’ve always liked Marulan and knew that it was growing fast so rather than return home and drive an additional one hundred and forty kilometres, we drove about forty kilometres. Wow, I knew that an IGA (Independent Grocers’ Association) Grocery Store had sprung up in 2019 but hadn’t seen it yet. The sleepy country village was gone with shopping centres, new buildings, homes everywhere on the main street. We chatted with Barbara who we met on our walk who had said that the population had grown from two hundred people to two thousand. It is still lovely but becoming a town with many new residential developments being built. It was more than I had expected to see. Apparently a new pub is also being built, wow. We bought a few things from the lovely lady at the fabulous Country Store. As I am starting over and my life is so very different from what it was, in some ways, I am embracing more of my country locale and life. I’m going a little bit Country. I bought three reasonably priced long sleeve cotton shirts in fabulous vibrant colours. I asked why they were long sleeved in Summer. The lady told me that they were work shirts. Apparently you wear long sleeves when working outside in the Summer sun, which makes sense. It’s pretty obvious I have never worked outdoors or on the land or done manual labour for a living. I also learned that the shirts are worn tucked in, when I questioned going up a size for around my hips, for more comfort and a looser fit. I laughed as this was never a consideration for me. I haven’t worn a shirt tucked into anything since I was a child. We shared many good laughs while we were in the shop. It is certainly a different culture and way of life to city living.

By far, the funniest thing that happened during our Marulan visit was whilst we were walking along the main street, George Street, heading back to our car. A massive rig; an enormous semi-trailer, so much bigger than normal, had parked across the street. The area is a major truck-stop but not usually in the village. It's a stopping point for people travelling across the state, Eastern Australia and the entire country. The truck driver waved so I waved back; it’s a country thing I have learned since moving from Bondi Beach. First time anyone visiting sees others wave and me wave back, they ask if I know the person or people. Usually I don’t but I have got used to this friendly behaviour. As we neared the truck, the driver called out and I replied that it was such an enormous truck. “Do you want to drive it?” he called out. This was a very loaded question. “Yes, but it wouldn’t be a good idea, so No Thank You”  I replied and continued walking away. “Excuse me, do you drink soft drink? Would you like a soft drink?” he called across the road. I looked back and replied, “No, but thank you”. “Would you like a mineral water?” “No, thank you. You look like you have a long drive ahead of you and you might need it, but thank you”. “Are you sure? Have one.” As we continued walking, I replied “No thank you”. He had opened his door and jumped down to the road, such a long way from his cabin and seat. Schrodie and I kept walking “Bye, enjoy your trip” I called out and he waved “bye”. I appreciated the interaction, his enthusiasm and the compliment. I was in shock, not expecting such an experience and couldn’t stop laughing that this had happened. That’s not an unusual experience for me. I’ll always take the compliment. 

None of my friends had ever encountered men who were indecisive or ran away. Apparently I’ve read that it is not uncommon. This never happened in my world until him. Strange that it happened to me at all as he had pushed his way into my life. I was happy for the interaction with the truck driver and the experience. As far as truck’s go, thanks to Kris Kristofferson and “Convoy”, the movie, I do like trucks but only realised this recently when my sister pointed it out. It’s hilarious. I like Cowboys too, even though I had only ever met a few real ones. This too, I find hilarious.

Moving to the country and having new experiences with different kinds of people, has brought these childhood interests to light. Like my want to own a UTE or pick-up truck as they are called in America. I shock myself but they are such a practical car to own when you live in the country. I’m sick of paying delivery and transport fees and waiting for scheduled deliveries. With a Ute, such concerns are obsolete. I never would have believed that I would feel this way.

Had lots of fun playing trivia this week. We won first prize on Wednesday night, which is always great. We won. On Thursday night we had a few religious questions and the conversation took an interesting tangent talking about religious facts. One of the men got uncomfortable and questioned the discussion. I found this interesting considering he started the discussion and we were discussing facts around religions in relation to the trivia questions.

This week I also made sure to let another man I know in a general conversation through examples of our mismatched ideals around some matters, that we would not be any kind of match. We’d talked about relationships in previous conversations and when he had asked me. I told him that I am allergic. I had told this to the another man I mentioned, years ago, when he asked me the same question. He had also asked me “do you bat for the other team?” “No, I am strictly heterosexual but thank you for asking and not making the assumption” I replied to him at the time.

People struggle to understand that being single is a choice. I am not a victim of sad circumstances. My life has always been filled with choices around men, fantastic, hot, sexy and wonderful men of all different types and ages, nationalities. Strangely even when I was still undergoing Chemotherapy with Cyclophosphamide, random men that I met whilst minding my own business, still asked me out. This was despite how terrible I looked as I see photos over this time. Up until recently, I had looked like the Living Dead. I have never sought out men like most other women do and I am not interested in a relationship. This is my choice. I have never needed to look for men as my life has always been filled with men. I thought this might change when I stopped working but this has not happened to me. I was only tempted once, last year and he didn’t choose me. My friend Irony rears its ugly head once more. This particular man had been present countless times when men had randomly hit on me and asked me out where I politely declined. He was surprised because they were wealthy and good-looking Alpha Males. This had made him insecure although I tried consciously and carefully to allay his insecurities with this reality of mine. Once at Christmas time in 2018 he said that “... I will move out of the way so that these men can keep hitting on you.” I told him to stay and that I was not interested, as he had witnessed in those moments and countless other times. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t want me. Some men like women who are more girls than women who don't have such experiences or choices? These are not women with options, regardless of their relationship status. They need someone to support them, be with them and they grab the first thing they can at the very first chance. To each their own. My curiosity would love to be satiated to understand why he left when he loved me the same way that I loved him. C’est La Vie!

Johnny and I are having loads of fun together, although he doesn’t quite get the attention from me that he deserves. My guitar lessons are going well as I learn so much more. My exercises are much harder and wonderfully, my hands and fingers are fine completing the exercises. My memory is so much improved with all the exercises, games, trivia, courses and intelligent and interesting conversation which fills my life. I am so grateful but there is still much work to be done. I get confused with some of the notes in the picking sequences of the chords and I am working on this all. My teacher, says that I’m doing great and am way too hard on myself. This is one of my short comings and I am working on this as well.

My progress with the Podcast is pre-production work and the two Specialists with whom I am working are so fabulous, as people and professionals. I am a fan of them both and inspired, once again to continue with these projects as they believe them to be very worthwhile and they will help me learn to make them great, valuable to others and of interest to others. There is still so much work to be done but it is being completed one step at a time. Baby steps. Breathe Theodora.

As far as my bushfire re-build, our new home, I am very excited that the kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets and bathroom cabinets have been installed and they look great so far. I love them and am really happy with my colour choices. I’m still concerned about how complementary the tiles will be and my paint colours. I am in love with my sexy internal doors. The laundry door is not the one I wanted. I will need to check again in case I am mistaken. It will provide more light but is not pretty or sexy. I will record the breach to the contract but leave it just the same. My front door is supposed to be the same as the laundry door I chose. These were the same as my previous front door. My new front door is bigger and is coming from overseas I was told. This was surprising news and I hope that it is the right door but am not counting on it being so. I got a fifty thousand dollar bill, much smaller than the others, for lock-up. I replied that I will pay as per the contract schedule when the house is at the lock-up stage of construction, not before. There is not currently a front door on the house. Once they send me confirmation and a photo, and that I have seen for myself that there is a fitted front door, I will make the payment. I will also note that the contract breaches which I have not accepted need to be corrected so that I do not lose my right to recourse. 

I also asked the Site Manager again for the photos of the water pipes he had promised, my drainage plans for my home and if he had yet confirmed that my roof water is going to the water tanks and not the storm water as per the incorrect and not final plans? I told him that I would prefer not to involve Council and that this will be checked later, by me. I suggested again that this fix is better done now rather than later, if required. He told me that he is investigating. The wall in my living room has not yet been removed. The forty metres of brand new boundary Colorbond fence which they have destroyed, unnecessarily, has not yet been replaced or fixed in place. I doubt my neighbour's yard has been fixed. I expect they told her that I have to fix it upon their build completion. They forget that as part of their process I paid for Soil and Engineering Reports so they are accountable for the damage as it was their responsibility and avoidable. The blanket liability waivers in the standard Industry Contract do not perturb me. They are responsible and liable to fix all the damages. On the Contract Plan they have temporary fencing around the house, for which I believe that I have been charged and is not present or ever has been present. These fencing fixes must be done before the water tanks are installed. I believe that they are planning on breaking their word and leaving the broken fence and damaged neighbouring yard for me to fix. I will escalate this matter starting with the Masterton Homes CEO. Anything other than the complete restoration to its original, new condition, as agreed by the original Site Manager and the current one, is not acceptable. Masterton are advertising aggressively on Radio and I have been told T.V., for new business.

It is very exciting to see my bushfire re-build new home progress. I really hope that it will look good and we will like living there after a period of readjustment. There will be some much important and expensive work to do once we return home. Originally, I had hoped that everything would be completed before our return but this is highly unlikely to be possible. My fabulous friend has agreed to help me move my bed and Spin bike to my new home when possible. I am so grateful as removalists are so expensive and my money is fast running out. I will be camping in my home. My time will be taken up with learning how to make curtains as well as everything else. Settling in is a luxury that I simply cannot afford. I have been lucky enough to get sewing machine advice from a man that I have met. I spend so much time researching everything that needs to be done so that we can quickly live safely in our new home, upon our return.

Most of my special heritage fruit trees that were dug up and saved have survived and are growing well at my friends’ farm. I am so lucky and grateful. Some of the undisturbed fruit trees, the ones that were not the most important to me are growing a bumper crop of fruit. All the rain means healthy, juicy fruit. I cannot wait. All the rain means no bushfires and this is the most important thing for me, that makes me happiest of all.

I have been saddened the last few weeks as I have been told by several different people about terrible relationships that people are staying in that are hurting their lives and jeopardizing their safety in very real ways and putting their respective futures at risk. It’s terrible that people are so afraid to be single or alone, being scared of loneliness. They overlook the empowering opportunity for a much better, easier, safer and happier life. I hope that this will change. Why bother with a relationship unless it is great, happy and beneficial to both lives? If a relationship does not enhance your life, why stay or bother at all? I don't understand. Relationships are not supposed to hurt or hinder you or your life. This is overlooked by so many people. Too many people feel that they must be in a relationship, even if only for financial security. This is not true. There are other and more healthy options. There are always choices to make, even if they are not easy and you do not like them, they are still options and choices available to you for a happier and better life. In one of these relationships to which I refer, they are in their early twenties. I find this heart-breaking.

My pain and migraines have been terrible. The stress has made me so sick. I have surrendered to it all. My fabulous physiotherapist told me that my body had surrendered as she could see and feel it. Anne gave me a few exercises to help me and massaged my iron shoulders, head and neck over two visits, which really helped me. I have been trying to eat with various success but overall my eating is better if still not as it needs to be for me. I manage one good meal each day and a couple of serves of fruit.

As the weather has reverted to Wintertime, I am cooking hot comfort food instead of the salads which I had anticipated eating for my two meals. Happily, I can once again cut through various loaves of bread so that buying sliced bread is not my best option anymore. I purchased a roast chicken from Woollies the other day but couldn’t eat it and I had wrongly defrosted a bone-in chicken thigh. I had also purchased some cayenne and chilli boneless drumstick thighs as they were reduced in price. So the food did not spoil, I cooked a few meals in advance yesterday and today. I baked two small drumstick fillets and enjoyed them with chips. I lightly fried three and froze them to enjoy on another day. There were five in the packet for three dollars. The cayenne pepper and chilli will help regulate my blood sugar. They are also beneficial for lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. There is not a lot of oil or fat and I can eat this later with a salad.

I cooked a delicious chicken and vegetable casserole with the chicken thigh and this is in the fridge for tomorrow. I used fresh, baby potatoes and frozen vegetables. With the roast chicken, Schrodie got a little bit of the breast, the deepest layer without fat exposure and I saved some more for the next couple of days. He seldom gets treats anymore but we all need all some tasty pleasures in life to keep us happy and joyful. I don’t really like chicken breast either, thighs are my favourite, bone-in. I am very much a brown meat enthusiast. I found a recipe online for an easy leftover roast chicken and sweet potato bake. The sweet potato was fresh and I steamed it in the microwave with a bowl of water, for four minutes until it was cooked. The peas were frozen. I have improvised with the recipe because I didn’t fancy making a Bechamel Sauce or a Cheese Sauce or any kind of white sauce or other. I didn’t fancy cooking rice to add as a bottom layer, so I didn’t. Instead I used rizoni (orzo), uncooked and as a bottom layer in oil, added a layer of microwave steamed sweet potato, ripped roast chicken including complete drumsticks, frozen peas, grated cheese, added milk, water, salt and pepper, stirred it all up and baked at 180degrees Celcius until I could smell it and the rizoni was cooked. I could have done the same thing with rice and  it would be as good and as delicious. This took about half an hour and it smells so delicious. I tried it and it tastes so yummy and is wonderfully creamy. My carbohydrate counts are covered as is protein and so many other important nutrients that will keep me fit and healthy. These are all quick, easy, cheap and cheerful meals. I’m very partial to a hack when it suits me. Now I am going to enjoy my hot, delicious, creamy bake, yummy! Schrodie is lying on my lap as I type this blog. 

Later I will heat some milk a small pan with a few smashed cardamon pods. This is one of my favourite comfort drinks, especially in cold weather. The milk must be heated in a pan with the smashed cardamon to release its wonderful fragrance and flavour, like heaven, to be absorbed into the milk. Yum! I can't wait. This adds to my carbohydrate counts before bed. Drinking this makes me feel happy, safe and content. Try it. It might just change your life. If you haven't had Cardamon before, smell it and try one pod at a time or maybe two as a starting point. It depends on how much milk you warm to enjoy.

Schrodie doesn’t particularly like going out in the rain and if he must, he always wears his raincoat and jumper, as required. He had been holding his motions through the rain storm before bed last night. He needed to go outside at 2.30am but the rain was torrential so he didn’t venture outside and returned to bed. I told him to use the puppy mat but he did not. At 4.30am the rain had eased and he went out to finally relieve himself. I was glad. He is such a good boy. I am so very lucky. He eats and drinks when I do, he waits for me. When I go out and leave him and give him a treat, he waits until I return, to enjoy it, even though I meant him to eat it during my absence. Whilst I am away he does not eat or drink at all until I return home, so that he does not need to go outside. He is so smart. He is amazing.

These are some of the main highlights from this week. I hope that me sharing this with you, helps you in some way to push through your own challenges, obstacles, adversities and any traumas. Hang in there and do something fun every day. Laugh every day and if you think you can’t watch some comedy. This is more important for you when you find it the hardest to do in life.

Schrodie makes my life so much better, so joyful and fun and so very easy as he mainly looks after himself. I thought I had another 12kg bag of his Vet Diet Low Fat Gastrointestinal Royal Canine food as we are almost out of his food. Lucky I checked because this is the last of his dry dog food although I do have some canned, wet food if I need it. I was sure that I had another twelve kilogram bag of his food on hand. I was wrong because of all the stress. I don’t like running out of anything. If I need to I can drive to the Vet and buy some but it is so expensive and there is always the risk that they have run out of stock. It is also about a one hundred kilometre round trip. Anyway, I ordered two bags last night, to tide us over into the New Year and during the holidays when everything closes. It will last longer than that but I don’t want to forget or run out of his food. Forgetting is likely in the new year given what happens with the house and my trip to Antarctica. I buy most of his food, treatments and everything else online from Queensland and delivery takes a bit longer now since Covid. It’s so much cheaper than the Vet and various pet shops, unless there is a great sale or urgent need. They dispatch food immediately, which is wonderful and so important. Hopefully everything, including his new toy for Christmas will arrive over this next week.

I love to support local and buy local whenever possible and I still do buy some things from the pet shop and the Vet. I do this for myself, with my shopping as well. I simply cannot afford not to save money, wherever possible. I must be prudent and practical with everything to keep us safe and sustainable in both the short and the long term.

I also ordered enough Bravecto tablets to cover me for the next year so I don’t get stuck without his dose when I need it, especially as Ticks are everywhere. My friend’s dog got a Tick last week. They did not know and out of the blue, the dog went lame, so she went to the Vet and they found the Tick. The dog recovered fully, thankfully, after a night and two days in hospital on Intravenous Drips. The rain has increased the habitat of the Ticks. We never had them in our village, hopefully we still don’t but they migrated closer a few years ago. I don’t like taking such chances. I check Schrodie every day and night when I pat, tickle and cuddle him.

A few months ago, both my sister and my six year old niece got Ticks, on different days, after a quick walk in the bush near their home, on the Northside of Sydney. My niece was first and had it removed in hospital. If you miss it or don’t get it all out it can still kill you or cause serious, permanent damage to your nerves and body. My sister bought a tick removal, freeze medication to have on hand after this happened. When my sister got her Tick, my eight year old nephew, who loves creatures of any kind, relished helping her kill it by applying the freeze medication. He then delighted in removing the Tick from his mum’s neck with a pair of tweezers. Another day my sister got leeches on her and my nephew removed them as well. It’s a good thing that the kids are adventurous and not squeamish.

Dangerous business Bushwalking. Schrodie and I love it and regularly enjoy it. The pleasures, benefits and joys are well worth the risks. Schrodie runs into the bush for a walk, on lead, whenever he gets the chance. There is red earth in one place in our village, just like in the Northern Territory, around Alice Springs. It’s really interesting and peculiar. It’s an ancient, dry river bed not far from our home. There is red earth in part of the river bed only. During a conversation with a lady I met who had grown up in our village, I mentioned this red earth and she had no idea, having lived there most of her life and she was eighty years old.  We have red Kangaroos too, which we have seen and this shocked me. There are Wallaby’s, grey kangaroos, all sorts of Parrots and Birds of Prey, rare Black Cockatoos and  Dingo’s apparently. I know there are Platypus’, which I am dying to see as I have not yet seen a Platypus in the wild. We have Echidnas, of which we have seen plenty, including a rare white, Albino Echidna. We live in Wombat country and have had them in our yard.  

Wearing the right gear in the Bush, loose long sleeves and loose, thick fabric trekking or hiking pants, lightweight and quick drying, with pockets, for necessary tidbits is necessary. Also because of the heat, to stop dangerous bites from loads of creatures, including snakes and playing host to dangerous parasites, is paramount. Now, I keep Schrodie’s hair longer, all over, in case something tries to bite him, he has extra protection and they get caught in the hair and not the skin, hopefully. Short hair does not cool a dog, panting is how they regulate their temperature. We stay hydrated as I take water for us both and a soft travel bowl for Schrodie. It’s like going out with a child. I have a special back pack that weighs nothing, as does his bowl. I lost all my gear, which I loved and much of which cannot be replaced. Slowly I buy necessary and similar pieces and articles of clothing as required. My friend had never given her dog a preventative treatment but will now. The treatments are expensive but they are worthwhile and important and cheaper than the Vet bills. The Ticks die and fall off if they are on or bite the dog so it stays safe. I used to have Tick and Flea removal tools and applications at home and in the car but I don’t anymore and will need to restock, as a safeguard. Be Prepared, as I was taught in Brownies. Schrodie has never had a Flea or a Tick. He used to get Frontline which is applied externally and my preference. It was a three month Flea treatment with one month Tick cover. I put him on Bravecto because it has three months Tick cover as well as Fleas and Mange Mites. I worried about Mange when he was exposed to it on another dog at the Vet one day. I no longer let him near other dogs or animals at the Vet. It’s dangerous as it is for kids to play with the toys at the Medical Centre’s or Medical Surgeries. We steer clear and now with Covid it is worse and so much more important to stay safe.

“I love Rock n’ Roll” by Joan Jet and The Blackhearts is such a great song that I love and is this week’s “Song of the Week”. I have always loved this fun, kick-ass song, it’s power, energy, sound. I love the music and the lyrics, everything. This song is pure Rock n' Roll. This song epitomises how I feel about Rock Music and Music in general. It makes me happy and helps to re-energize me. I can never have enough of that in my life. I hope that you enjoy this great Rock Anthem as much as I do, always. I barely sleep and have watched some goods shows on Netflix, Stan, ABC iView and SBS on Demand. 

Antarctica is getting very close and I have no idea if my trip will happen. I am not ready in the slightest. I have no idea. I have no gear. I have no fear. The rhyme was intended, I guess it is my inner poet saying hello. In truth, I don't even have time to think about Antarctica let alone prepare for my Scientific Adventure of a lifetime. Thankfully, I got my Passport renewed as it was lost with everything else I owned and possessed in the bushfire. At least that is one less thing to worry about before my trip. I don't even have a bag to take. I no longer own a bag. After the reading that I have managed in preparation for my trip, I have decided that a duffle bag, albeit a waterproof one, is best to take. Oh boy, there is so much to do in not much time. With my house build progressing things will become more crazy and time will be harder to spare, for anything other than my house and preparing to go home. Oh my! Thinking about Antarctica now is making me nervous as I do not like being under prepared for anything. To be under prepared for such an important trip is not alright. Something must be done. I don't even have my binoculars or cameras anymore. It's a good thing that I thrive under pressure. This situation is not the same as pressure that I have previously encountered and dealt with in any way.

My chicken and sweet potato bake is calling me. Thank you for your company. Stay happy and well. Have Fun! Be sure and do fun things, every, single, day. Laugh, cry, whatever you need but make sure there is some counter balance, if not complete balance. I hope, as always, that you leave Schrodie’s Mummy feeling a little better, a little happier, a little more inspired than when you arrived. Please enjoy my posts and pages. I hope they add some value to you along your journey. Perhaps you will smile, laugh, having learned something new that is of interest and of benefit during your visit.

Take care and stay safe.

I will post on Sunday, or as close to, as life allows. Thank you for your understanding and support. I still cannot believe how many of you find me, organically, as I learn to do this in the hope that I can show you to keep pushing through whatever you face and not give up. The light is always there, no matter how dim or how much you need to squint to see it during the darkest times. Love and Joy are also lurking in the dark and in the shadows, every, single, day. Keep your eyes peeled. This is the only reason I share anything at all. Helping anyone else, in any way, this is my Silver Lining which makes the unbelievable horrors, tragedies and more that I have faced and survived since the Black Summer Bushfire stole my life on the 5th January 2020, more than tragedies. If I can survive it all, so can you! Believe it! Know it! Live it!

Bye for now.

Until next time.

Watch this space...




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