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340 days until Antarctica...Here I am Baby - UB40 were right on!

approximately 13 minutes reading time 340 days until I am scheduled to leave Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport for my life-long dream of going to Antarctica. “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength” Oprah Winfrey This has been a crazy week. Tonight Schrodie is in hospital and I am sad but hopeful that my beautiful, sweet boy will recover fully and quickly. His best friend Murphy is with me and we both miss him like crazy. We did have fun adventures at Bondi Beach, North Bondi, where I used to live, with a friend this morning in the thirty plus degree sunshine. So, happily our day is balanced. Murphy is exhausted, as am I. Just like me Schrodie pushes on stoically when he is unwell, showing no external signs of sickness, weakness, fear or pain. I watch him like a hawk and notice everything. I would starve before I let him suffer or want for anything, especially medical care. He has been my light in the darkness and reason to get up on days where I did not feel tha