"Christmas Vibes" Presents "The Little Drummer Boy Movie" Rankin Bass Claymation (1968)


Happy 1st December everyone. 

Happy first day of Summer for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere. 

For those of you in the Tropics, I hope that you are enjoying your Season. 

Happy first day of Winter for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. 

It's wet and overcast here today but it's temperate weather. 

For the first day of Advent on the Christmas Calendar, I share with you one of my favourite Christmas stories, "The Little Drummer Boy". 

Since I was a very little girl I grew up watching all the Rankin Bass Christmas Claymation films. "The Little Drummer Boy" was always my favourite. It makes me cry and brings joy to my heart. 

This story might distress some people because it has a grim, dark beginning and parts, showing how cruel people can be, how brutal, hard and horrible life can be for many people and develops into a wonderful story about how the Magic of Christmas and the birth of the baby Jesus changes people and the World in the best way. 

Every year since, I watch these movies at least once. Sometimes I need to watch "The Little Drummer Boy" a few times over the Season. It keeps me grounded, never forgetting the true meaning of Christmas and why it is my favourite time of the year, notwithstanding the terrible personal tragedy of losing Mummy on Christmas Eve. My Uncle also died on Christmas Eve. 

We celebrate and balance this challenging time, honouring everyone as needed. Remembering and teaching the children this balance is a gift to us all. 

I no longer have my DVD copies of these wonderful movies as they were lost with all my other worldly possessions in the Black Summer Bushfires in January 2020. 

Thanks to "Christmas Vibes", the world's only dedicated Christmas Channel 365 days a year, which celebrates all things Christmas, I can still watch these wonderful movies as I wish. 

Most especially, thanks to "Christmas Vibes" I can share these wonderful movies with you. 

Please read my page on "Christmas Vibes" to find the fabulous original Christmas Designs and Merchandise available now. "Christmas Vibes" is run, designed and created by a fourteen year old boy who works very hard to make this wonderful Christmas Channel and Christmas Store available to us all.

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I got my Christmas shirts in three days and I love them. I get so many compliments when I wear them, which is a bonus. Most importantly, they make me happy. You can tailor the designs how you like them, which is great and really cool. 

I got my mugs and bags a few days later. They are fabulous!

May you enjoy "The Little Drummer Boy" as much as I do and always will. Click on the film below to enjoy. 

 I will post these movies from "Christmas Vibes" throughout December. 

"The Little Drummer Boy" is also one of my favourite Christmas Carols. Christmas Carols sung by Church Choirs are my favourite. I will include one below. 

May these warm your heart... 

I have included a few versions of this wonderful Christmas Carol of "The Little Drummer Boy" for you to enjoy....
It was hard for me to choose and to stop selecting more versions. If you want to hear more, there are plenty, including the Commercial ones...


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