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207 days to Antarctica..."We Are the Champions" Queen

Approximately 6.5 minutes reading time   “Take courage, my heart: you have been through worse than this. Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier; I have seen worse sights than this.” ― Homer, The Odyssey   Hello, I hope you’ve had a great week. I have decided to have the Covid-19 Vaccine, if I can get Pfizer. I rang on Friday and was told to call back on Monday, tomorrow, to book an appointment. I hope that I don’t have any dangerous and negative reactions. If I don’t come back, it must be my time. I don’t want to have it but all around NSW, Australia and the World, the situation seems to be worsening, so please stay safe. My lifelong dream of being in Antarctica is still threatened by the state of the world.  My house frame is up and the windows and sliding doors are in place. Schrodie and I are incredibly excited. We so long to go home. It has been freezing and wet so the builders have not been working every day. I hope that the Covid-19 situation does not halter the bui

Antarctica - my life long love affair...

      depositphotos   When I was a little girl my Mummy used to tell me all sorts of stories about Adventure, Imagination, People, Places and Life. Some stories were real, others were fantasy. I found them thrilling and inspiring, I still do. My mother was an amazing woman and I am very lucky and always incredibly grateful that this incredible, fierce woman shared all her knowledge with me and taught me so much, inspiring me and giving me a sense of awe and wonder about people, the world in which we live and most especially life.  These gifts gave me everything I needed to empower myself with knowledge and skills that have allowed me to survive and thrive in this world, to live the life I choose, against all the odds. Most especially as a single woman embedded in the oldest Boy’s Clubs in the World as a minority and often as a stand-alone figure ‘playing in the ‘Pit’’ (this is my expression referring to this challenging and unique experience) with the Alpha Males as a Peer. Explore