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Merry Christmas One and All, for those of you who Celebrate. To everyone else, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays! Wishing You and Yours All the Very Best for the Season! May the Spirit of the Season bring you Joy, Goodwill And All Things Wonderful To Us All!

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”
― Agnes M. Pahro


Because it’s Christmas I hope that you also enjoy this bonus quote and bonus song “Last Christmas” by Wham to Celebrate and Remember George Michael...

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” — Dr. Seuss, The Grinch

Hello!  Welcome to another Sunday. Thank you for joining me. I hope that your week has been a good one. How quickly the weeks roll by, consistently. I hope that you are happy and well. It’s only six days until Christmas and twelve days until 2022. Oh my!

WOW, what a week! Mostly we have had a good week, which is always a welcome relief.

Thank you for your kind words and comments. I am glad that you are finding my posts and pages valuable and inspiring. I very much appreciate your feedback, encouragement and support. I hope that my posts and pages help you and/or make your life easier and better in some way.

Schrodie and I have been walking about an hour sometimes an hour and a half each day. Our walks are beautiful, joyous, fun and invigorating. We have been going outside of the hottest part of the day, 11am to 3pm (Eastern Standard Time), sometimes it’s still too hot until about 6pm. Daylight savings gives us the extra luxury of going later. We are still drinking in the glorious scents of Summer provided by the gardens and the bush. Schrodie has taken us into the bush most days. It’s been so hot and exciting when storms are brewing. I cannot deny him his right to exercise his freewill and maximise his daily joy, which also maximises my joy. We have been dancing for about half an hour each day to traditional Christmas Carols sung by Choirs, my favourite and he loves it so. Carrying his six and a half kilos is increasing my strength. I must check with my Physiotherapist about the pain to confirm that it is muscle strengthening and building my core strength. I believe this to be the case.

I have been eating fish this week, finding skin on Barramundi fillets on sale at about four dollars each. Fish is a lighter meal and easier for me to eat. I have been pairing the fish with steamed green beans, potatoes, sweet potato mash and different vegetables each day, on cooler days. On the warmer days I have had it with salads. My carbohydrate counts are being met with potatoes and fruit.

Over this week I have met with different friends for Christmas lunch and get togethers which has been wonderful and lots of fun. Finally I got to go to the local brewery in Moss Vale and it was great, better than expected. The food was delicious as were the beers. The staff were great. Everything about the venue and experience was tremendous. We can’t wait to return. More Christmas get togethers are scheduled for this upcoming week leading to Christmas.

I’m in the process of dry frying a small Rump Steak so the fat renders off and cooks the steak. I am steaming a bunch of Asparagus and some potatoes. I will dress these with salt and lemon juice, yummy! I am looking forward to my meal. I have been eating delicious fragrant pears, bananas, pink lady apples, peaches, nectarines, strawberries and blueberries. Pink Lady Apples were my mum’s favourite and they’re the only apple consistently not waxed which is great and has always been our preference. I love stone fruit and berries, looking forward to them being in season every Summer. My belief is that I was a bear at some point in a past life. Further highlighted by my love of honey. I'm like Winnie The Pooh in that I so love yummy, ruuny, hunny. I say this mostly jokingly. I don’t like my fruit too ripe, too juicy or too sweet, never have and after I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic, I learned that this is probably why. I like my fruit firm and a little bit tart, like my people. Too soft, too sweet and too juicy I find less palatable.

Yesterday my family got together at my youngest sister’s home for an early Christmas. As my dad has been in Covid lockdown for two years since his return to the Mediterranean, my sister and the kids are going to see him for Christmas and New Year. Our Christmas Day was fabulous, very long as we did not want to part. We make a lot of noise, we are so loud. Schrodie got uncomfortable with the noise and ran outside to hide in the bushes a few times. The kids found him. He was so happy to play with them, my brother-in-law and everyone else throughout the day. Food was constant, beautiful and delicious. I could not eat very much. I did enjoy some wonderful, delicious Christmas Pudding with hot custard. We ended up staying the night which is always great and keeps myself and the kids happy. There was a terrible and dramatic storm all night. Upon my return home the next day it had stormed here as well. It was wonderful to see everyone and spend time with them in the flesh. It had been a year since I had seen my other sister’s family. Spending time with all the children was the greatest joy and gift. My sister and the kids leave tonight. The rest of us will meet again at my other sister’s home on Christmas Eve.

Gratefully I was able to determine what the children might enjoy for a gift and have managed, against all odds to have everything in place so that their respective gifts are under the tree on Christmas morning. Such a relief.

All my Christmas shopping is complete and wrapped in time.

No work has happened on my bushfire rebuild for three weeks. Building shuts down on Tuesday until the tenth of January. In the meantime I am getting everything in place so that I can complete all the necessary works in time for the prompt receipt of my Occupation Certificate so that we can return home as soon as possible. My most pressing issues are determining whether the landscaping and driveway must be complete prior to the issuing of the Occupation Certificate. The builders created a landscaping plan at the beginning of the process. I told them multiple times that what they created without my input or agreement was not appropriate, not suitable for my needs and most importantly not what I wanted. Each time I was dismissed and told that the landscape plan details were not important. To avoid surprises, unnecessary delays and costs which I cannot afford, I am confirming this with the Council and Private Certifier. I believe that Masterton’s staff were negligent once more, providing me with misinformation. I believe that they took advantage of me in my vulnerable position. If this is the case, these are more serious problems with which to contend. I hope that I am wrong.

I watched the Netflix Film “Christmas on the Farm” with very low expectations and was wonderfully surprised. It was hilarious and surprisingly very good. I’m not really a fan of Poppy Montgomery or Hugh Sheridan but they both surprised me and were great in their roles. It’s a quintessentially Australian film and fabulous. I have seen lots of good shows and a few too many lame ones. My favourite discovery has been the Comedy series “Family Re-union”, I loved it. It’s warm, clever, hilarious and I love the way that it tackles serious social issues. Apparently it is the first and to date only Black American Comedy written entirely by Black Writers, so I have read, which is wonderful. I am not sure about the Production Crew. I thoroughly enjoyed the series.

My steak is sizzling and now resting, calling my name. My time with you is drawing to a close for another week.

May you enjoy this week’s Song of the week, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Wishing you all the very best for the Season. In memory of George Michael, who died on Christmas Eve 2016, the same day as my mummy, I have included his hit 1984 Wham! Christmas Song, “Last Christmas”. I now relate to this song like I never did before so there is added poignancy for me as this is exactly what happened to me last year. George Michael and Mummy were both born in the same place and died on the same day. Carrie Fisher was hospitalised dying on the 23rd December 2016 and died on the 27th December. Sadly her mother Debbie Reynold’s died the very next day on 28th December 2016. As I always say, “ the things we learn and how we learn them”, I will never forget these facts, these people or these dates.

 For years whenever I wear my hair in a bun countless men of all ages, demographics regularly come up to me and tell me that I look like Princess Leia. I have always found this hilarious. It was unexpected as I never saw a resemblance but other people do, especially men. Before the fires, whilst I was working at BP a younger man came to collect his coffee from me one Sunday morning saying “WOW, Princess Leia made my coffee!” I can’t help but laugh every time. I always take the compliment. It’s crazy that they see this resemblance, even without seeing me in my metallic gold bikini. I say this with my tongue placed firmly in my cheek. I told my nephews a few years ago that men tell me that I look like Princess Leia and although they don’t understand the sexual overlay of the comment, they find it hilarious and agreed that this was true. They’re Star Wars fans and find this hilarious as do I.

These are some of this week’s highlights in my life. I hope that your week ahead is a good and happy one. As always, thank you for your company. As always, I hope that you leave Schrodie’s Mummy feeling a little better than when you arrived. I hope that by sharing my journey this helps you with yours in some way. Stay strong and hang in there no matter what trauma, challenges or adversity that you face. Celebrate every Joy! Celebrate every Win! No matter how small, they matter, much. I hope that my posts and pages help you in some way, interest you, make you smile or laugh. Most especially may these and your visits to Schrodie’s Mummy inspire and motivate you upon your journey. This is the only reason that I share this with you.

Do one small thing every day that makes you laugh and something to put joy in your heart and sustain you on your path. Please refer anyone who you believe will benefit from visiting us here at Schrodie’s Mummy.

I hope that you enjoy this week’s quotes which share my sentiment and my belief about this time of year. I believe that there is purpose to all that happens in life and our continued growth, included through the trials and tribulations of life. Opportunity and optimism abound in life, no matter how terrible or challenging your current circumstances or situation might be now. The trick is to look for the light and the possibilities, Always! I hope these words inspire and help you upon your journey.

I believe in the Magic of Christmas and look forward with great anticipation to whatever it brings my way. Most especially, I look forward to the Joy ahead, for us all! Christmas is a time to remember and practice what is really important in Life, Love! Live it! Share it and Bask in its Magic! For me Love is what matters most in the world and in life. Love is the bridge that connects us all. Love is fundamental to each of us , our happiness and our shared humanity.

Take care, stay happy and well.

May the upcoming Solstice sprinkle more Magic to our lives.

I will continue to post on Sunday or as close to, as life allows. Pages will be added on Wednesday and Friday.

Bye for now.

Watch this space...



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