158 days to Antarctica... "T.N.T." AC/DC


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“We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.” – Will Rogers



Hello, I hope that you are well and have had a good week. Thank you for joining me once again. I have survived another incredibly difficult week and had some wonderful things happen as well, for which I am grateful. My apologies for the delayed post but I have been struggling with incredible acute distress due to what I am forced to deal with at this time.

On a very happy note, Schrodie turned nine a few days ago and we had a fabulous day! He got a special peanut butter dog treat, a new toy. We went for a wonderful walk with friends and Schrodie had his first off leash walking, running, playing experience with Murphy. We walked through the back of the golf course and surrounds. It was a glorious day and lots of fun. Since then Schrodie enjoyed more off leash experiences for short bursts during our walks.

The Springtime weather has been warm and glorious. It has once again turned cold and wet. The gardens smell so sweet and wonderful, making us extra happy when we are outside and especially on our daily walks.

I did not receive the awaited notification that the roof of my house is complete. The Site Supervisor did not open the water tank so that the required water for the bricklayer is on site. I do not know how to proceed in this terrible trap which I find myself. This has impacted my health and made me shut down. I am trying to work my way through this nightmare that has been created unnecessarily and in which I find myself.

The threat of homelessness looms ever closer. I will not survive homelessness after all that I have been through since losing absolutely everything in the Morton Bushfire last January. There is no acceptable reason for me to become homeless. Masterton have created this situation and I am doing everything in my power and beyond to resolve this situation amicably. At this moment I am stuck and being attacked and trying to become unstuck and defend myself and my rights appropriately.

Will Rogers quote is fundamental to achieving successfully functioning societies. This can only happen through decency and respect between people. These two qualities are fundamental in any successful relationship yet often lacking and a rarity.

I am heading to Sydney to care for my niece and nephew. It took a whole day speaking with various authorities including Police to make sure that I could travel safely outside my Local Government Authority (LGA) to avoid fines and charges for breaching various Public Orders around Covid. I even had a Covid test. What a strange and surreal experience. Since last year’s happenings, I have felt like I am stuck living in a Science Fiction Movie. It was a crazy experience. I don’t have Covid, thankfully and not surprisingly.

I am not eating much or well, the distress and angst is too much. I’m having some fresh fruit. It’s very hard for me to keep anything down.

We’re laughing, playing and dancing everyday. My guitar playing is okay. My physiotherapist said that my shoulder, neck and back muscles feel like a steel cage. A thought sparking added extra and serious tension and weight to my body, even when it was seemingly insignificant to me. Sometimes I forget to breathe. One baby step at a time through my present and into my future. I cannot wait for this all to be a part of my past, my history and no more.

That’s it from me for now.

I hope you have a good week and get through everything you need to deal with day to day.

AC/DC’s "T.N.T." is this week’s song of the week. It’s the power and energy of this song that I love and need right now to keep me going and fighting. As well as the message and sentiment. It is where I am right now. AC/DC are one of the best live bands that I have ever seen. Their show was so much fun and the performances were energizing and fantastic. I have always loved Live Music but not all bands deliver a good, let alone a great show. AC/DC are fantastic and I would highly recommend that you see them live if the opportunity ever presents itself. You might be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the song and clip.

See you next Sunday, or as close to as possible. I will post my regular pages on Wednesday and Friday. I hope that my posts and pages help and inspire you in some way. I hope you leave my blog at least a little happier, positive and inspired than you arrived.


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