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“Now, I have always believed that women are not victims; we are agents of change, we are drivers of progress, we are makers of peace – all we need is a fighting chance.” -Hillary Clinton

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Where to start?

It’s been a good week.

It’s been a very busy week.

Saw a few friends, which was fabulous.

Having fun getting to know new and different people.

Lately I have been playing Trivia with a group of men and it’s so much fun.

Started getting my political campaign sites up.

Completed my Campaign Materials and my Campaign outline, policy, what I stand for in this Election.

I’ve been researching loads and even found a book to help me navigate this process.

Received a very exciting phone call on Tuesday from the Site Manager working on the building of my new home. Finally. The build is due to start on Friday. Such wonderful, welcome news.

Glad to report that the cut was made in preparation for the slab, as scheduled on Friday.

I was pleasantly surprised given the torrential rain we had on Wednesday and Thursday, which was not promising of a timely start for my build.

4.30pm Friday afternoon, it happened, the Site Manager rang me to confirm that the Concrete Slab for my house is scheduled to be poured on Monday afternoon. I was so excited and delighted with this news.

Then he asked me an urgent question.....”where is the water on the property”

“There is none” I replied to which he said “we can’t pour the concrete, or lay the slab without water”.

I burst into tears.

The dance continues, one step forward, more steps back.....

“Leave it with me he said. No worries”

“They have known all along that there is no water on the property. Did they not tell you?”

“No” he said. “I’ve been looking for the water. I saw the bore but there’s no tap.”

“It was destroyed. I can’t do anything about it but if you can add a tap or extrude the water from the bore that’s fine. The pump in the bore is not mine but belongs to Aquamann Irrigation, it’s on hire.” I told him. As an aside Aquamann are brilliant. People tell me they’re expensive. Perhaps, but they are reliable, prompt, efficient and care about their work. They were also kind enough to waive the charges for the hire pump system and installation when they learned that my house had burned down. As far as I am concerned, they’re worth the money. This is what matters to me, not just the cost. A fair price for a good, fair job.

“I have told them all along that there is no water on site. They know that I’m on tank water. I can’t believe that they didn’t tell you.”

Outcome pending....

I’ve been exhausted, it’s everything catching up with me and I’ve been unwell. Everything is still a challenge. My PTSD makes it harder still.

My exercises are getting harder, as is my guitar playing. I continue. I am still getting stronger. I am still waiting to speak with new physiotherapists about building up the muscles in my feet. This is the final stage of repair to start. This is why I suffer the pain and discomfort in my feet. The feeling and strength are restored.

Survivor sent me a reminder email to complete my application. Me thinks not. They never replied to my email about allowing me on as a Type-1 Diabetic.

I have started an application to join the Chaser but need to complete a video...tricky...they too sent me a reminder.

On Friday morning I met with two ladies who are part of a Community Group helping Independent candidates with their Election Campaigns. They were lovely and asked about me. I had to mention the bushfire, losing everything and fighting to stay alive after fighting the rare smoke-induced double-pneumonia and ANCA Vasculitis. The conversation took a turn away from what I had expected. They were encouraging of me becoming a spokesperson on overcoming Adversity and Trauma, surviving Bushfire and Natural Disaster. They believe that I can make a great difference in sharing my story and helping people, especially women. I am humbled. This is what I want.

I left disappointed about my Election Campaign and prospects. They explained to me that the other Candidates had spent at least twelve months getting their Campaigns to this point. Alliances and Voting Commitments had already been made. They suggested that I perhaps work with another Candidate or themselves to learn more about the process. Also to build up my profile. They agreed that they want to help with this and are able to get me speaking opportunities. I believe this to be wise counsel. I left our meeting feeling optimistic and very happy.

Being the under dog does not concern me. However, I do not see any benefit or value derived by flogging a dead horse. If the opportunities for success are lacking, then this is not a sound or wise use of my energy or resources.

My initial campaigning efforts had proved positive and a couple of women who don’t know my story have invited me to join their various groups. I have agreed. Perhaps not joining Council will be best for me and what I wish to achieve as I will have no constraints. It seems a bullet has been dodged.

Synchronicity seems to be at play.

My friends who have been helping me with my Campaign Media have been so supportive and encouraging. Again, I have been told how inspiring I am. Again, I am humbled.

Time to play with Johnny, my guitar. I love our time together and look forward to it, as I do my weekly guitar lessons.

My main meal today is a baked pork chop with tomato rizoni (orzo), it’s quick, easy, simple and hearty fare. It’s healthy and inexpensive. Meat is optional and of choice. It is smelling delicious.

It’s time for me to say goodbye for now.

Have fun, stay happy and well.

Watch this space.....


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