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“Leaders honor their core values, but they are flexible in how they execute them.” – Colin Powell

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Another week has passed, so quickly.

This has been a good week.

I received a call from the nrma consultant who is looking after my claim, a lovely lady.

My car went to the Smash Repairs where she has gone before and my beautiful, reliable, sexy girl will be in for repairs after the 16th July, for about a week. Even though the accident was not my fault, I will have no access to a paid hire car which is disappointing. I will manage.

The builders have completed my slab. I hope that they have fixed the fence as per my request as they caused the damage. I received a bill from them for $96,000.00, wow! This is a first for me. My Bankers are working with me to arrange the payment in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. There are a few technical issues that we are working out for maximum benefit and long-term effect.

My friend started the process of building her house with Allworth, an investment, after me and within two months her house is complete from slab to carpet laying and all internal fittings being completed. I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to see it once the builders leave. I hope that mine too is a fast build.

I spoke with the Septic System Company, BioSeptic, who have been fabulous and told me that they will install the expensive system after lock-up to ensure that all the pipes are in place and the installation is faultless. They have determined this to be best so that the builder’s tradies don’t drive over and destroy the expensive, fragile tanks and beds. They have assessed that the installation can take place without the need for expensive cranes and other equipment as my rear-lane access as affords enough space through the gate and if required, they will remove and restore the fence. I am relieved.

Trivia has been fun and we won again.

I am seeing my friends and talking to them regularly which keeps me happy.

Slowly but surely I am completing my tasks and getting closer to my goals. My Trauma Psychologist told me that we are best to leave our appointments until I need them as I am currently okay, although I do have some mentally and emotionally taxing matters with which I need to deal.

Johnny, my guitar and I are bonding and having fun together. I have been learning to use a pick and play Apache by The Shadows. It is a challenging piece and giving my fingers and hands a real and intense workout. I feel it and know that this is positive and working the tiny, specialised muscles in my hands to help restore them. This makes me incredibly happy. I love this piece of music and am delighted that I am managing to play it and improving. My speed is slow but it will improve. I have noticed that my fingers are becoming more comfortable playing this song. I can’t wait until it sounds right. Johnny and I are playing together for at least half an hour most days. I still practice everything else that my teacher has taught me. I am really enjoying this experience, challenges and all, especially as these are hand therapy exercises for me rather than music or guitar lessons per se. The muscle and nerve pains in my elbow and shoulder are still present but they don’t stop me doing what I need. Last week I did struggle to do up and undo the buttons on my pants. I was trapped in my pants for about fifteen minutes. Laughable as this is it was incredibly concerning and distressing as this has not happened for months. I am hoping that it was an anomaly that this happened and my hands temporarily weakened again.

My other hand exercises take me about an hour a day. Schrodie and I are walking three and a half kilometres every day that weather permits. We love our dancing and playing every day.

Exhaustion has its grip on me once again and I have been falling asleep throughout the day and early in the evenings. Everything has taken its toll on me.

On Wednesday evening Schrodie was standing and licking his groin. I picked him up to check if he had injured himself. His penis was out of its shaft and massive. The inflammation was terrible and extensive. His penis was about ten times its normal size, looking incredibly red, raw, very angry and painful. I was horrified and didn’t know what to do. I went straight to the internet and discovered that this is a condition that happens to male dogs and can be caused by infection, injury or irritation or nerve damage. This can be dangerous and needs to be treated promptly, especially if the penis does not go back into its sheath. If untreated it can lead to a need to amputate part of the penis or castration. I did not want this for my beloved boy. I kept checking. His penis retreated back into the safety of its sheath, in stages over a period of time that seemed endless but was probably within five to ten minutes. It’s called Paraphimosis. We were visiting the Vet in the morning.

9.30am we arrived at the Vet. Schrodie was seen and the vet checked him, with the help of his fabulous vet nurses who love Schrodie and whom Schrodie loves. They checked his temperature and his penis. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. The Vet told me to drive to the ocean and throw my computer and internet into the ocean. We all laughed. I was incredibly relieved. The vet said that sometimes the penis gets a little stuck going back into its sheath and this can cause irritation and a constriction of the blood vessels which cause the swelling and inflammation of the penis. There was nothing obvious wrong, which was wonderful news. The vet checked his mouth and his teeth had plaque and needed cleaning. There may have been infection lurking underneath the plaque which needed to be removed. This might cause an infection on his penis if he licks it and has an infection. This might also have been causing the bouts of diarrhea Schrodie had experienced. The Vet prescribed an oral antibiotic, Doxy, (Doxycycline )which I have taken many times. Schrodie got his first dose with another due that evening. We scheduled an appointment for his teeth clean and de-scaling the next morning, Friday. This would require a General Anaesthetic (GA). This is for safety precautions which I understand even though I would have preferred Sedation. We went for a walk and window shopping, which Schrodie loves albeit in the freezing cold, the winds were ferocious with a windchill factor below two degrees but it felt colder.

We awoke at 6.30am, I let Schrodie outside and realised that I had not removed his food and water at 10pm last night to make sure that he’s fasted, nil by mouth, for his General Anaesthesia (GA). I removed both food and water at 6.30am. Chances were he hadn’t eaten after 10.30pm but he may have had a drink of water. I couldn’t be sure and was not prepared to put him at risk. I rang the vet at 9am and was told to fast him and bring him in at 11.30am for his procedure. I dropped him off and he was happy to bound off with the vet nurses when the vet turned and said to me he is happy to leave you. We both laughed. He loves and trusts them as do I and Schrodie is not easily won over. He certainly does not suffer from separation anxiety which is how I wanted him to be and as he is naturally, brave, bold and independent. Just like me.

I went and had an early lunch to distract myself. It was a super delicious ten dollar cheeseburger and chips meal at the Argyle Hotel. It is the best cheeseburger and the chips are crunchy and delicious. I ate slowly and eating everything was a feat indeed as I don’t eat very much at all these days. One proper meal a day. I went and investigated what was currently on offer in the marvellous homewares shops to find pieces for our new home. To my delight I found some antiques very similar to pieces that I had loved and were lost to the bushfire. I also found several new candlesticks and holders of different types that fit in with the decor that I want in my home. As space and funds are in short supply at present I had to be wise in my choices and decisions. The Fates will provide the opportunities at the right time, as always.

On the way back to the vet I stopped at the Chinese Restaurant which is usually shut when I am about in the area. I bought some take away Hot and Sour Soup to re-balance my body as I had been feeling unwell and nauseous for a couple of days. I love a good hot and sour soup. Then I went to check on Schrodie at about 1.30pm and tell the nurse about the small slug I had found on his ear last night after he had gone outside. Schrodie was waking up, his teeth had been cleaned, he had been checked over and was fine. I was told to collect him after 3pm. I continued off to explore all the wonderful shops and their offerings until 3.15pm to collect Schrodie at 3.30pm to give him enough time to recover from his GA.

I returned to the Vet and was asked about our address and whether we were going to re-build. I shared our wonderful news about the Slab being completed for the build to proceed so that we can finally go home for a chance to recover from these horrors. The Vet had a stern look on his face when he told me that Schrodie had an Upper PM Slab Fracture, oh my God I felt sick. It was only when the Vet was cleaning his teeth that the cracked back molar presented itself. The tooth had cracked all the way from the crown to the bottom but had not reached the pulp, thankfully. He must have been in agony and incredibly uncomfortable, but as usual my stoic little warrior never let on that he was suffering. I've left the sliver of tooth for the Tooth Fairy and he got a packet of soft milk treats to have a small portion after his antibiotic. He comes running for his medication. He is such a good boy. I am incredibly lucky. His tooth was saved but the crack portion removed and the edges of his tooth ground down and smoothed over to avoid injury to his gums and tongue. He had bitten something very hard that had cracked his tooth. No idea when but it must have been painful and he didn’t let on. I had been worried about his teeth and had seen him appear uncomfortable holding a chicken drumstick but he didn’t seem distressed. His little teeth were now white and sparkled. He twinkled with delight as he bounded towards me and wanted to play with the vet and his nurses. I was to continue with his daily antibiotic and apply a tooth antibacterial mouthwash daily. Off home we went to curl up in bed. We beat the rain, turned on the gas heating, underfloor and retired for the night, exhausted. Schrodie was not going for a walk until Sunday to give his body a chance to recover from the GA.

The hot and sour soup was hearty and delicious, with a variety of chillies. It was not too hot or too spicy but had a base flavour of both. It was tasty and warming. Most importantly it made me feel better and less nauseous. Now I now that I can get it in five towns relatively close to home, from twenty minutes to forty five minutes. The Chinese Restaurants are all very busy and have regular customers and good reviews which is always a bonus. From home, all the restaurants are further away as we currently live in town rather than our quiet village.

I have needed to rest and once again declined social invitations this weekend. We have just returned from our walk to the Lake and back. Schrodie has met new dogs and we have had fun. We have returned as the sprinkles have got heavier and the rain is starting.

We still have much to do and I am cooking a delicious “Tava” a traditional Greek stew usually made with rabbit and onions. I make mine with beef and add rice. It is a simple, easy, delicious and cost-effective meal that I eat with bread to soak up all the juices. It is healthy, nutritious, hearty and fat free. The smell of it is calling me. I have drunk my delicious Aloe Vera Drink with Lychee Flavour which has the fragrance and taste of Paradise and is nutritious. Schrodie will have a small portion of warmed, boiled rice which is a safe, fat-free treat that he loves.

On this happy note, I bid thee farewell for another week. I am still building up my strength to survive and enjoy my scheduled trip to Antarctica. Hopefully it will not be cancelled again because of Covid. I remain optimistic, as always. I hope that you have a great week. Thank you for reading and sharing my adventures. I hope that you are enjoying the Biographies of My Heroes, Poems, Song of the Week and Quotes that have inspired me. I hope that in some way, these inspire you.

As I step into my future, both enjoying and making the most of my present. In the words of Katy Perry "You held me down, but I got up / Get ready 'cause I've had enough ... I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter / Dancing through the fire / 'Cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar." Take care, stay happy and well.

See you next week.

Watch this space.....









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