77 steps to overcome Adversity, Trauma, Sadness..."Welcome To Wherever You Are" Bon Jovi

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347 days until I am scheduled to leave Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport for my life-long dream of going to Antarctica.

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." Helen Keller

This is one of my favourite Helen Keller quotes. At my worst, I remembered little Helen Keller, my second Hero, who helped me fight when I didn’t think I could anymore.

77 Steps that help me to overcome Adversity, Beat Trauma and Sadness

1.       Breathe 

2.       Take one step at a time 

3.       Take baby steps 

4.       Understand what has happened to you 

5.       Honour how you feel 

6.       Allow yourself time to grieve 

7.       Be kind to yourself 

8.       Be gentle with yourself 

9.       Give yourself time to understand the fallout and consequences of what has happened to you 

10.   Honour how you feel 

11.   Know where you are with what has happened to you and what you cannot change 

12.   Decide what you want out of this situation 

13.   Breathe 

14.   Seek help if you need it 

15.   Talk honestly and openly with someone you trust, as regularly as you need 

16.   Remember what brings you joy 

17.   Do at least one, or as many of the things that bring you joy, each and every day 

18.   Allow yourself to feel joy 

19.   Remember what inspires you 

20.   Find inspiration 

21.   Choose inspiration, whatever it may be 

22.   Allow yourself to feel inspired 

23.   Laugh every day 

24.   Go for a walk 

25.   Go out and be in nature 

26.   Do one thing every day that scares you, even a tiny bit 

27.   If you feel stuck, consider why you feel stuck 

28.   If you feel stuck, understand why you feel stuck 

29.   Breathe 

30.   Consider your options for becoming unstuck 

31.   Consider your choices in this situation 

32.   Consider the best and worst outcomes of each and every choice 

33.   Understand your options 

34.   Record your options; written list 

35.   Understand the outcome and implications for each of your options 

36.   Record your possible outcomes and each and every implication; written list 

37.   Allow yourself time to consider each outcome 

38.   Decide which outcome you can best live with 

39.   Take the decision

 40.   Make your choice 

41.   Understand the commitment you must make to yourself to honour your choice 

42.   Commit to your choice 

43.   Notice your wins, no matter how small, every win counts 

44.   Record your wins; written list 

45.   Honour how you feel after each and every win 

46.   Breathe 

47.   Re-focus on your goals 

48.   Stretch yourself to increase the realm of your possibilities 

49.   Decide on your new goals 

50.   Choose your new goals 

51.   Commit to your new goals 

52.   Consider what is required for you to achieve your goals 

53.   Line up your ducks 

54.   Breathe 

55.   Take the first step 

56.   Breathe 

57.   Honour how you feel 

58.   Consider your barriers to success 

59.   Identify each barrier that needs to be removed from your life 

60.   Identify how to remove each barrier from your life 

61.   Remove all negative people from your life, one at a time 

62.   Remove all unnecessary negative situations from your life, one at a time 

63.   Remove all people you have outgrown from your life, one at a time 

64.   Remove all situations you have outgrown from your life, one at a time 

65.   Breathe 

66.   Do what you need to do to achieve your goals, one at a time 

67.   Do what you need to do to achieve your goals, one step  at a time 

68.   Take the first step towards achieving your goals 

69.   Breathe 

70.   Honour how you feel 

71.   Find new people who make you happy 

72.   Find new hobbies and interests which make you happy 

73.   Breathe 

74.   Honour how you feel 

75.   Decide if you are happy living with your choice 

76.   If you are not happy with your choice then make another 

77.   Repeat

I hope that I have included everything. If not, I will update this list. I truly hope this helps you.

Understand that this process takes time, sometimes a long time. This is not what is critical to your overcoming your adversity, your trauma, your tragedy, your sadness. What matters most is allowing yourself the opportunity to progress one baby step at a time towards your very best future reality.

My next post will be on Sunday 21st February, notwithstanding life getting in the way. My intention at the moment is to post every Sunday. May these help you as they help me.


Stay tuned…




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