This is Me, Schrodie's Mummy..."Eye Of The Tiger" Survivor







 This is Schrodinger, Schrodie for short

“The scientist only imposes two things, namely truth and sincerity, imposes them upon himself and upon other scientists.” Erwin Schrodinger

Hello, I'm Theodora, (Schrodinger's) Schrodie's Mummy. Schrodie is short for Schrodinger but that handle was taken. I know that the "ie" is the feminine spelling but I preferred it to the "y" and we are above such rules and convention. Schrodie is my most loving, loyal and steadfast companion, my eight year old Australian Silky Terrier.

This blog is about living and creating your reality by overcoming adversity, of any and every kind. This starts with our journey through the Black Summer Bushfires in 2019 and worst of all in the most unimaginable and unbelievable way in 2020.

My story is one of joy, love above all, happiness, self-empowerment, problem solving, life skills, triumph over unbelievable adversities, ongoing compound complex traumas to live the life I want as I choose. 

For almost two years after the Black Summer Bushfires stole my life, I fought continually to survive. Against all odds and expectations, I have survived and thrived, barely, so many times. I fought to survive the industrial strength treatments for over a year. I overcame complete disability which resulted directly from a rare smoked induced double pneumonia caused by the Bushfires which with the traumas triggered a rare auto-immune disease called Vasculitis. I got an unbelievably severe and critical case of the rarest ANCA Vasculitis. I fought with more than I had to regain the use of my body and restore my loss of feeling from severe and critical nerve damage to regain my independence. I beat all the odds, defying every expectation and defying belief. I have fought to restore my body, restore my home and restore my life. My fight continues. 

We each control our life and the quality of living we enjoy by making choices and taking decisions, all day every day, no matter how seemingly insignificant these feel. For me, this means No Regrets, not easy but certainly achievable when you know how to make the best choices possible for you and living your best life. I'll share with you what I am able.

Erwin Schrodinger is one of my favourite Scientists. Since I first heard his name, I loved it and waited twenty years to adopt a male Australian Silky Terrier puppy and call him Schrodinger. The Universe brought us together and we are the right match. Erwin Schrodinger is the Father of Quantum Mechanics and the Father of Modern Physics. He lived life defying convention, the way he wanted. Just like me. 

Erwin Schrodinger is also famous for the Theory of Schrodinger's Cat, that featured on "The Big Bang Theory". To paraphrase, this thought experiment is a paradox, basically it states that a cat is put in a box with a radioactive material and will die, however until the box is opened the cat remains both alive and dead at the same time. 

To me, this paradox also represents how we choose to live our life through our choices and decisions. Life is the box and the quality of life which is detrmined by what goes into the box and the fallout (pun not intended) and consequences of these choices and decisions are what we are left to live with when we finally open the box. Each and every choice you make has the power to change your life.

Your choices matter. Every choice you make defines who you choose to be and the life that you will live. There are no victims in life, no matter the circumstances. This is no easy or small feat to believe or achieve in life but it is possible. I believe in conscious living and have been living this way, to the best of my ability, for most of my adult life. I  have worked hard and continue to do so and am reaping the rewards.

This is a story about life and choosing to make the best of it throughout the worst of times. This is a story of survival and evolution. This is a story of overcoming adversity and multiple, compounded traumas over a short space of time and beating them to survive and thrive in life and the world. This is a story of defying expectations and beating all the odds. This is a story of creating your own reality through your choices and owning your life to make it powerful, wonderful, rich and full. This is a story of becoming as fabulous as possible, the way you want. This is a story of choosing love, joy and victory in life. This is my story. Throughout this period of my life, I have been told countless times by so many people to write a book. I am humbled.  My book, my Memoir is a work in progress.      

I will share my journey with you as I have been told by various Psychologists and Counsellors including one of Australia’s top Trauma Psychologists, Doctors, Medical Specialists, Nurses, Rehabilitation Specialists, all at the top of their respective fields and countless others I have met along my journey that I must share my story. Apparently my story is important and I have the capacity to help people as I am "...brave and bold, incredible, inspiring, resourceful and amazing." This is not necessarily how I feel. I have been told "... that this is because of my courage and strength, my capabilities, my tenacity, my outlook, my determined, wilful and fighting Spirit." I have been told"... that I can make a difference in this world." I am humbled. I hope that this is so.

When Life Kicks You in the Ass, Kick It Back!


I want to show you how to maintain and where necessary to regain your power and positive state of mind in order to survive and beat any obstacle or challenge that you might face, including trauma, and most importantly fear, so that you can have your best life. This blog is about creating your reality and living your dreams, no matter your circumstances.



Day to day survival is challenging at the best of times. When life takes a turn for the worst it can become unbearable to survive each day. This is a feeling which, if allowed will become your reality.

Overcoming Pitfalls

Whether it be personal relationship, financial, situational, career, illness or any other countless hurdle that you face, the principles are the same.

Why I can help you

I solve problems, as they arise, even when they seem insurmountable and the situations and circumstances seem impossible. 

What I do, is beat the odds. Overcoming Adversity is my Superpower, or one of them.

How I do this is by implementing important life skills and evolving.

When I do this is as it is necessary. Constantly, it seems.

Where I do this is in the present moment, always.   

In sharing my story, over the worst time in my life, where I faced and continue to face, countless, ongoing and consecutive traumas I hope to show that in such horrific life circumstances, it is easy and common to focus on a bleak and grim reality. I want to show that the Light never goes out, if you're prepared to keep looking for it, no matter how much you need to strain your eyes and body or how hard you need to squint.

My Background

Even though this happened to me and that this is my reality, it still seems unbelievable and unimaginable. It certainly does not seem real.

I tell you everything, as it happened and happens, with brutal candour in the hope that someone, somewhere might benefit when they believe that all the light in their life has been extinguished.

I am an independent woman, who has learned exactly what this means in all its forms. Perspective and clarity of the true nature of independence, I learned the hard way, by facing constant, ongoing trauma, each worse than the one before.

Who makes life easier are the wonderful people whom I trust and allow into my life to support me when I need it most.

You can bear whatever life throws at you, if you believe this to be so and have the important life skills to manage, cope and enjoy each day. I aim to show you how this can be achieved.

Sadness and fear are components of life and perfectly okay to feel as they are part of our human condition.  

Getting stuck in a cycle of fear and sadness, even depression is incredibly easy and even more dangerous to your health and well-being. If you let them, they will rob you of your life.

I want to help you understand the importance of making choices.

It is mainly overlooked in our society, that everything is a choice.

The hardest choices are the most important bringing the most valuable results.

Good choices will improve your life and allow you to survive, thrive and enjoy each day.

Living in the present is critical to your success in overcoming any obstacles or challenges in your life.

Whether it be personal relationship, situational, career, illness or any other countless hurdle that you face, the principles are the same.

I am a Scientist, an Applied Physicist in fact. Physics gives me the reassurance I need in life to understand the nature of life and my experience in the world.

As per the NASA Website

Newton’s First Law of Motion:  “Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.”

Newton’s Second Law of Motion “Force is equal to the change in momentum (mV) per change in time. For a constant mass force equals mass times acceleration”. F=ma

Newton’s Third Law of Motion “For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action”.

These fundamental principles of life and how the world works remind me what is happening to me and what I can and need to do.

I solve problems, as they arise, even when they seem insurmountable and the situations and circumstances seem impossible. Failure is not an option for me. The outcome is too important for me, my life depends upon it, literally. I won’t be beaten.


In 362 days I am booked to leave Australia to travel to Antarctica via Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina on the Tierra del Fuego.

Join me to share my journey and my countdown from ground zero to Antarctica as I rebuild my broken body. I hope that you enjoy the ride. 

Thank you for sharing my journey.If it helps anyone, then this nightmare was and is worthwhile.

My next post will be on Sunday 7th February, notwithstanding life getting in the way. My intention at the moment is to post every Sunday. May these help you as they help me.      

If you have any questions, suggestions as to what might interest or help you, please leave them in the comments section.

Stay tuned .....






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