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“Men are not punished for their sins, but by them” Elbert Hubbard


Hello, I hope that your week has been a good one.

Well, what a week.

I have just binge watched "Fisk" with Kitty Flanagan, it’s hilarious. Laughing always makes me feel better. I am a long time fan of Kitty Flanagan. At times, she reminds me of myself. I love her irreverence and honesty, poking fun at the world in which we live and the masks that people wear. Most especially it is her dry and intelligent mirror to our often false, shallow and constricted society and interactions with each other, that I love. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend watching it, if you’re up for a laugh.

At 7.40am Friday morning, I went to get my first Covid-19 vaccine, Pfizer, it was to be my first shot. I had been prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. They couldn’t find my appointment. Both my appointment and vaccine had been given to someone else. After wasting half an hour, I left with a new appointment for 8am, Friday 27th August. My family and friends knew that I was scheduled to have my vaccine shot and were checking on me all day to be sure that I was safe. I feel so loved and deeply touched that people care about me so much. Schrodie had a sleep over with friends on Thursday afternoon and went for his monthly groom and play date on the farm. I feel that this is important for his well-being and mental health. We all need to have fun. Although we have play dates and daily fun, this is an added bonus which he loves. His Groomer is amazing, a dog and animal whisperer and he loves her. We are glad to have her in our lives.

Karma has worked its Magic. My Lawyer confirmed that my neighbour’s attempts to extort money from me for a ridiculous excuse for a fence have been quashed. I am relieved. It is not about the money but the principle of right, for me. This is the premise of "The Winslow Boy". They have been knocked out just like in this song. Now I prepare to start the process of erecting a boundary fence which is fit for purpose. One which will afford me safety, security and privacy on my property.

My car will not be ready for return until at least Tuesday. Hopefully, I will have her back soon. Covid lock-downs have delayed the process by over a week.

No car means no guitar lessons. No anything. I haven’t done much exercise or training this week. I haven’t been feeling very well and had terrible headaches, migraines. I have been unwell and vomiting, which is awful. I  believe it is because of the prednisone dose reduction by one milligram. I think these are symptoms of steroid weaning and tapering the dose. I expect it to improve soon, hopefully. I cannot wait to be completely off this horrible drug.

Trivia has been loads of fun and we are continually winning, even unexpectedly. I so love Winning, it satiates my competitive nature. It is not why I play but it is an absolute bonus. Luckily my team mates want me to go and play with them, collecting me to take me as I am without a car.

Schrodie and I have been walking and dancing every day. This is always fun for us both. Our walks are long and glorious. Each day Schrodie chooses a new route and adventure. The weather has been lovely even if cold. We have had days which belong in Springtime. The weather has been freezing, mostly afternoons, nights and mornings. Wind chill has been minus five degrees Celsius. When the winds have been too fierce, we don’t walk, it is far too dangerous. We also play chasings inside but Schrodie has not wanted to play as often as he usually does this week.

I have had no updates about my bushfire home rebuild. The Site Manager seems to have ceased all communications with me since I passed on my neighbours complaints about the collapsed fence caused by the build. I am nervous and excited. We really want to go home. I will deal with the Breaches of Contract once my home is built and before I make the final payments. I am not looking forward to this at all. Being taken advantage of and exploited is not alright in any capacity. It has been pointed out to me by countless men, that they are taking advantage of the fact that I am a single woman. It's the men that have told me it's misogyny. I overlooked this as I do not think this way. This disrespect is not to be tolerated, ever. Another important thing to deal with and it makes me sick that this has happened.

I am so glad that I have wonderful people in my life who love me and care about me. One took me shopping last week as I don’t have my car. Others are constantly checking to make sure that I have everything I need, as I am without a car.  It is really lovely having men in my life who take me shopping or anywhere else I need. As always, I am very careful with my interactions and do not allow anyone to get too close or to help me too much. I feel so lucky and grateful. Every day I have good chats with my family and friends and we share laughs, which is so important.

Every day I have so much to do and the list of tasks is ever growing. I am surprised that so many of you find my blog and share my journey. Especially as I am flying under the radar while I learn. I am happy with the progress of my novel and poetry writing. Uncertainty about my future and how best to proceed is incredibly challenging to deal with but I persevere. Determining how to proceed is incredibly tricky as there are so many considerations to deal with in the short and long term. I know that I will manage, somehow, I always do. I know that I will be okay. I’m always okay. I remember my Heroes, those who inspire me as I trudge along my way. I hope that they help you as they help me.

Surrendering to the Universe about some things is so hard as I sometimes feel the urge to do something but I resist and stay in a state of surrender. I believe that Elbert Hubbard, the American Writer and Philosopher, is right that we cannot run away from ourselves, forever. We are always accountable for our actions.

Antarctica looms ever closer and my preparation is not yet adequate. Covid might delay my trip yet again. I do everything I can to build up my strength.

My poetry and writing is helping me process so much and I am happy with it, I think it is good. My writing is progressing well. Writing and dealing with emotions and feelings is exhausting. It makes me realize and face so much about myself.

I am dry frying a T-Bone steak and am steaming potato, sweet potato, beans and broccoli to enjoy with it as my main meal today. Olive oil and lemon are my dressings for my vegetables. I have been forcing myself to eat. I am eating well and am about two kilos heavier than normal, it is my winter weight and I am happy. My meal is almost ready and smells delicious. This is a healthy, nutritious, low-fat, quick and easy, inexpensive meal.

For another week I bid thee Adieu. I hope that this has helped you in some way, particularly to hang on, no matter your situation. It will improve. Thank you for your company. Please enjoy reading my Treasure Chest and about My Heroes and Inspirations. May they help you as they have helped me and continue to do so. Please feel free to ask me anything specific that interests you or with which I can help you. Refer anyone here for whatever you like, especially if you think it will help someone.

I hope that you enjoy this week’s song. As usual, this song reflects the message and sentiment of this week’s blog post. It’s a good song. This is Billy Ray Cyrus' great cover of an LL Cool J Song. I love Billy Ray Cyrus and have done since “Achy Breaky Heart” all those years ago. I love his sound, his music and his heart which he pours into his music. He also has a nobility about him which I love. The fact that he is so hot and handsome is simply a bonus. I think it’s a reflection of his inside, outside. For me, this is always the only thing that matters.

Take care, stay safe. Stay happy and well.

I look forward to your company next Sunday. I will also post on Wednesday and Friday.

I hope that you have a good week. Remember life will always get better, even if it first gets worse.

Watch this space...





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